Software that covers
your stationery, crafts, and
bookstore chain from A to Z

Make small and big tasks a breeze with a software solution
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POS and ERP software for your arts and crafts, stationery and office supply stores

With a large variety of stock and high transaction volumes, bookstores, stationery, and craft stores need a solid retail solution, with reliable inventory management and automations.

With LS Retail software you get a powerful end-to-end platform for your entire business, from back office and operations to customer service, in the physical and online stores.

A single platform reduces costs and duplicate work: you only need to enter information once, be it products, customers, vendors, or promotions. The system then distributes the information to all touchpoints, so your employees and customers, can always see what’s in stock in real time. With all information saved in one database you can also keep the pulse on your sales, inventory, revenue and opportunities at all times.

And if you want to expand beyond products, and offer courses, ticketed workshops, or events, or a cozy café or bagel shop, you can manage all that - registrations, planning, food service – within the same powerful retail management system.

Our software solution is ideal for:

i-National and international chains with large stores
National and international retail chains

i-online and in store
Businesses that sell online and in stores

Retailers that also offer courses, classes and bookings


Manage all your operations with one software solution

Run your entire operation, from retail items to events, from the café to customer loyalty, to staff management, within one software platform.

  • Manage items, prices, offers and promotions and replenishment online and in your physical stores.
  • Take reservations for courses and events within the same software you use for your sales – from painting classes, to crafting workshops, to book signings or invite-only product launches.
  • Manage your café, cupcake bakery or salad bar within the same software solution you use for the rest of your business.

Increase loyalty and returning customers

Make shoppers loyal with unmissable offers that are designed exactly for them.

  • Offer a loyalty program to reward customers whether they shop online or in person.
  • Manage complex pricing, offers and promotions, and apply them automatically to all or some of your stores.
  • Let AI-powered add-on LS Recommend suggest personalized upselling and cross-selling product recommendations.
  • Send personalized campaigns, communications and offers to members of your reading club or knitting group.

Have the right stock at hand

Simplify inventory management and replenishment with the system’s automations.

  • Get real-time visibility into fast- and slow-sellers, what’s available and what’s in transit across your entire company.
  • Distribute items to each store based on demand and space available – the system takes care of the calculations and planning.
  • Manage inventory tasks – from stock counting, to receiving, to adjustments – when and as you need on handheld devices.
  • Let the AI help you stock exactly the products customers want. Demand forecasting add-on LS Forecast analyzes past trends and calculates the ideal replenishment based on internal and external factors.

Build a successful retail chain

Whether you already run a chain or plan to expand nationally or internationally, LS Retail software will help you achieve your dreams.

  • Open more locations easily: the software is designed for growth.
  • Manage items, prices, offers, customers, replenishment and more centrally, from headquarters.
  • Run an international enterprise with a system that offers multiple languages, localizations, and can be set for many currencies and taxation setups.
  • Do you have travel retail stores in airports or train stations? Sell tax free and accept many currencies, easily.

All you need to run a successful bookstore business


i-LS First for restaurants - self-ordering
Offer self-service shopping

Let your customers scan and pay for their shopping at self-checkout registers, or using the ScanPayGo app on their mobile device.

i-train staff faster
Spend less time on staff training

Our point of sale has such an intuitive interface that you can train your staff to use it in under an hour.

i-pet stores-Manage all your locations from headquarters
Open new locations easily

Set databases, POS, and setup information just once, and then replicate the settings to open new stores faster.

i-ls central for retail-easy to use
Speed up employee login

Let employees log into the system quickly at the POS with a barcode, card, or dallas key, and easily track worked hours.

i-qsr-speed up transactions
Handle many transactions

The system is built for performance, and can manage a high amount of daily transactions across your stores, cafés, and eCommerce.

i-manage your workforce
Manage shifts and worked hours

Plan and communicate staff schedules, track worked hours and compare them to plan, and manage commissions easily.

Pocket Shop

Pocket Shop implemented
LS Retail software solution across 21 stores

With our current expansion in mind, we need a unified solution across our regions. Connecting our German and English stores to LS Retail software was a natural decision for us – and a successful one, too.

—  Olle Fagerlund, IT System Coordinator

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