Software that equips
your fashion and footwear business
from top to toe

Satisfy customer needs, optimize stock mix, cut costs and
streamline processes throughout the entire supply chain

ERP and POS software for clothing and accessory retailers

Fashion retailers must be adaptable and move fast. But that’s hardly possible when you are using many disconnected IT systems to run different parts of the business.

With LS Retail software you can run your entire fashion and footwear retail chain – from products to suppliers, from staff to sales, to appointments and events, in store and online – with just one system.

Using a single platform means lower IT costs, but that’s just the beginning. Fashion retailers tell us that with our unified platform they get total control over costs and processes and clear business data. This enables them to make smart decisions that bring tangible value: more returning customers, more items sold at full price, and lower costs.

Use the powerful functionality designed especially for fashion retailers – from managing seasonality to budgets to complex promotions – to stay competitive and always be the first choice for your customers.

Our software solution is ideal for:

Luxury fashion and accessories retailers

Sportswear and casualwear stores

i-National and international chains with large stores
National and international chains

i-online and in store
Retailers who sell in physical and online stores


Manage items in all their variants

Know at all times what items you have and in what quantities, what’s out of stock, and what’s in transit.

  • Have clear visibility of what’s available and where, and give customers inventory transparency on your online shop.
  • Keep a clear view of the sales history of each item, from price changes to active offers, to item profitability, to estimated stock levels at the end of the season.
  • Assign dimensions to each item (e.g. color, size, style…) to improve inventory maintenance and fine-tune the reordering of variants.
  • Get the right stock coverage. Find out how long stock will last, and understand which items are under- and overstocked.

Order the right items and distribute them smartly

Optimize your inventory replenishment. The system offers different levels of user control to help you manage various types of products.

  • Manage merchandising budgets with the open-to-buy functionality.
  • Manage seasonal items from planning the buying process, to allocation to stores based on available space, and plan buffer quantities for the warehouse.
  • Achieve optimal inventory levels with automated replenishment. The software calculates safety stock levels based on variations in sales.
  • Intelligent algorithms tell you what to order based on trends in sales history and external factors. Powered by demand forecasting add-on LS Forecast.

Run offers and promotions that drive returns

Run general and targeted campaigns, track their effectiveness and adjust your strategy to boost loyalty and revenue.

  • From “Buy one, get one” to discounts to seasonal sales, create the offers and promotions you want, and activate them for some or all your store locations or customers. Active offers are applied automatically – no extra work for your cashiers.
  • Enhance your customer service with personalized product recommendations. Add-on LS Recommend uses artificial intelligence to bring relevant product suggestions on the eCommerce site and at the POS.
  • Create a tiered loyalty program and make members feel special with rewards, personalized offers, promotions and coupons.

Become a true omni-channel retailer

When you use one platform for all your channels you can offer consistent, personalized experiences wherever your customers shop.

  • Manage centrally items, prices, offers, promotions: the system automatically updates the Point of Sale, eCommerce site, and all other touchpoints.
  • Let customers buy online, and get their shopping sent home, or pick it up in a store location or at the curbside, as they prefer.
  • Let customers order at the POS items that are available in other store locations, in the warehouse, or at vendors.
  • Let customers return or exchange items in any store, no matter if they bought the items in another store or online.

All you need to run a successful
fashion and footwear store


See timely reports and analytics

Make decisions based on real-time data and reports. Get even more intelligent analytics with AI-powered add-on LS Insight.

Make your service personal

View customers’ purchases, loyalty history and coupons, and use this information to offer valuable advice and product recommendations.

Get the job done on handhelds

Assist customers with product information and advice, close sales and perform back office and inventory functions wherever you are on a mobile.

Give buyers clear visibility

Visualize and manage all your purchase orders and worksheets in a single dashboard in the Buyer’s Workbench.

Manage appointments and events

Easily book appointments with a personal stylist or organize ticketed events straight from the POS or back office with add-on LS Activity.

i-National and international chains with large stores
Run an international chain

Select a proven international software platform with multiple languages, currencies, and localizations.


adidas offers a world-class shopping experience also thanks to LS Retail

Having the customer at the center of your retail business is vital for success. LS Retail can easily support your growth strategy, help meet demands and deliver results.

—  Martin Walz

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