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Your competitors benefit from advanced analytics. Do you?

Businesses today are collecting more data than ever before and using it to outsmart their competition. Retail organizations of all sizes are analyzing transactions and making better decisions –decisions that impact your ability to compete. They are serving their customers better, in-store and online, by learning what customers need and tailoring their unique experience.
If you’re not leveraging your data to better understand your customers, you’re going to fall behind.

Do your competitors deserve your sales? We don’t think so.


Gain actionable insights and increase store performance

You don’t have to be a large retailer with data analysts on staff to benefit from the power and decision making that comes from Business Intelligence.
With LS Insight, you get access to the business-changing insights you need, all in the cloud. Hosted on Microsoft Azure, with the powerful analytics and predictive abilities of Power BI and the ability to connect to external data sources, LS Insight empowers you to take better decisions – from any device.
Access your data warehouse and leverage out-of-the-box data models and pre-built dashboards and analytics templates.

The best part: it's free, included in your LS Central system.

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FT LS Insight-Know everything sooner with quick insights-tablet-surface pro

Know everything sooner with quick insights

No more decisions based on feelings. Take your business decision making to the next level: with LS Insight you get instant access to your retail business KPIs from any device or web browser. See the data you’re already generating in a more productive and consumable manner, and improve your business performance. Whether you operate a single store location or a multi-chain operation, LS Insight gives you the information you need, so you can know your customer base better and get more out of your store locations.

Better manage your margins and your business

Act faster and more proactively by setting up alerts that let you know when parameters you’ve set for your stores exceed their limit. Take immediate action on key business functions that need to be addressed, and enjoy the fine tuning that comes from incremental changes based on pre-determined factors.

FT LS Insight-Empower your sales team to exceed expectations-laptop

Empower your sales team to exceed expectations

Keep your staff informed and up to date, giving them the power they need to improve the customer experience and drive sales. Understand what sells best and at which location, compare web stores to physical stores and better enable cross-selling and upselling of your goods to increase overall performance.

Experience powerful retail Business Intelligence without the hefty capital expenditure

LS Insight is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. This means you get to enjoy all the capabilities and opportunities available through the use of business analytics, without having to make a capital investment. Eliminate your need for in-house data analysts and IT staff, rest assured that all your data is properly stored and backed up, and shrink and grow at will with a cloud-based BI service.


Discover 10 retail KPIs to keep you ahead of the competition

Discover 10 retail KPIs to keep you ahead of the competition

Make sure your retail vision is based on the best data available. Download this eBook to learn about the key performance indicators a retail CEO needs to track to lead effectively, set company goals, and cope with change.

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Why LS Insight and LS Central

See your data come to life with LS Insight

Interactive dashboards, pre-built reports and analytics, and a customizable view allow you to take all your transactional data and transform it into a highly visual, effective, actionable set of information which you can use to better compete in today’s retail environment. Enjoy the security that comes from knowing that every decision you make is backed by the right facts. Ask questions and get answers in the form of charts and graphs – from anywhere, anytime.

Simple yet impressive, powered by LS Retail

With LS Insight you can gain better Business Intelligence, with no confusion. LS Retail takes control of all the setup, moving your business data to the cloud and building data warehouses. You can then analyze your data through ready-to-run dashboards and reports. Use the standard setups to gain instant access, or design new visualizations that better work for your business needs. The graphical interface allows you to create personalized dashboards and custom views through drag-and-drop motions.


Ready to leverage data for better business?

Business Intelligence and analytics can seem daunting, especially to a retailer who would rather focus on moving their products than looking at spreadsheets. With LS Insight, you get access to the rich data capabilities and improved decision making, without having to become a technical master. Take the guesswork out of your business in the easiest way possible.

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Here’s what you need to know about tomorrow’s retail

Here’s what you need to know about tomorrow’s retail

Discover the 5 top emerging retail trends and the technologies you need to keep consumers loyal to your brand. Download our e-book to know the trends and build a successful strategy.

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