Reward your pet store with a software platform that meets all your needs

Make your processes more efficient, customers more loyal, and retail work fun

POS and ERP software for pet supplies and animal food retailers

Pet owners only want the best for their feathered, furry, and scaled friends. LS Retail software takes care of the boring parts, giving your employees the tools and time to give helpful advice and friendly service.  

Sell products and services online and in person, at the register or on handheld. Keep track of your customer purchases and of their pets’ preferences, and breed loyalty with personalized communications and special offers for items that the customer would like to buy. 

While you focus on customer satisfaction, the software automations make it easy to manage a large inventory, optimizing reordering so that you are never out of stock of what sells – while keeping minimum viable inventory in the warehouse. Real-time reports and intelligent analytics help you understand where you are, what you’re doing right, and where you should change strategy, so you can always reach and exceed your goals. 

Our software solution is ideal for:

Pet stores with services like grooming or kennels

i-online and in store
Businesses selling in store and online

i-National and international chains with large stores
National and international chains


Become a one-stop-shop for pet owners

Manage all your operations – sell food, toys, and treats, manage services like a pet’s hotel, organize courses such as dog training – within one software system. 

  • Sell products and services, from doggy day camp to grooming services, online and in store. 
  • Special order food or accessories you don't keep in stock and send them to any store location for pickup, or to the customer’s home. 
  • Manage customer profiles and track details like pet names and past purchases for all your stores, including the eCommerce. 

Easily manage a complex mix

Simplify inventory and replenishment: you only need to manage one inventory database for all your stores, online and physical.  

  • Keep a real-time view of what stock is available, sold, and in transit, across your entire chain. 
  • Let customers see online what items are available in which store location.  
  • Make replenishment a breeze. The automations help you reorder what you need and distribute it effectively to your stores. 
  • Forecast demand based on historical sales and internal and external factors with the AI of add-on LS Forecast. 

Deliver fantastic service

Make pets and their owners feel welcome with great prices, personalized offers and flexible service at all times.

  • Give people the freedom to order online and pick up, return, or exchange items in any store location.
  • Create offers and promotions for all or some of your stores and customers. Track the success of your campaigns and adjust them to always get results.
  • Give customers personalized upselling and cross-selling suggestions online and in person using AI-powered recommendation add-on LS Recommend.
  • Serve customers, order items and process transactions anywhere on handhelds.

All you need to run
a successful pet store


i-train staff faster
Train staff in just an hour

Select an intuitive POS and cut staff training times. And since the same system is used for sales, bookings and appointments, you only need to train people once.

See your business data in real time

Access your data from any device, at work or at home. Stay on top of your day-to-day operations, view sales reports and react quickly.

i-retail chains
Run a successful chain

Easily add new POS and locations, and manage your entire chain – sales, customers, appointments, items, offers – centrally in one database.

i-online and in store
Offer total omni-channel service

With all sales accessible from anywhere, you can track returns and exchanges even if the item was bought in another store or online.

Manage commissions

The system helps you keep track of staff commission, so you can always reward your salespeople accurately and on time.

i-manage your workforce
Simplify staff management

Plan and share work shifts, monitor worked hours and minimize salary costs in the same software you use for the rest of your business.


3 retail stores, pet grooming, boarding, training courses

Prior to LS Retail, we were truly at the mercy of the system and we had to tailor our business around the system capabilities. Today, we have visibility and tracking, not only of what our cashiers are ringing at the registers, but of the entire flow of inventory, and we are able to set the controls in the system according to our requirements!

—  Denise Clarke, VP

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