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Stop losing business to your competitors

From fashion retail to grocery, from duty free to specialty stores, the retail industry is highly competitive, fast-paced, and full of challenges.

Inventory management is a big pain for retailers. If your customers can't find what they are looking for, you might lose not just a sale, but their business altogether. On the other hand, maintaining a large inventory means tying up considerable working capital, and reducing flexibility and response time in front of market fluctuations. To that you must add industry-specific issues: think seasonality in the fashion industry, outdated items in the tech world, or perishable goods for grocery retailers.

On top of that, consumer demands are changing. Retailers who want to be successful need to provide their customers with outstanding shopping experiences in-store, online, and on mobile. Shoppers have come to expect seamless experiences, and demand increasingly personalized offers and services, anytime and anywhere. And if you don’t do it, your competitors will! As simple as that.

Does your retail management system help you respond to changing trends and consumer demands?


An omni-channel solution to an omni-channel problem

Discover retail software solutions and POS systems that will help you streamline your business,
increase productivity and improve your bottom line. Forget the pains of multiple applications that you have to set up, integrate, learn to use and maintain.
With LS Retail you get an all-in-one retail management system to manage your whole enterprise stress-free from your head office. 
From point of sale (POS) terminals through inventory management, reporting, e-commerce, you can manage your day-to-day retail operations centrally. Grow your business with well-informed business decisions and strengthen your customer base with centrally managed, personalized promotions and campaigns.
Keep your whole business under control with LS Retail.

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Online, in-store. It’s all connected

With LS Retail you will be able to offer your customers a unique omni-channel shopping experience. Encourage your customers’ loyalty and engagement both online and in-store, allow them to easily create and maintain shopping lists, and address them with personalized offers directly on their mobiles. Increase both customer retention and brand awareness with an omni-channel presence, and use the insight you gain from your customers’ profiles to perfect your business strategy.

Take hold of your inventory

Excessive inventory can tie down considerable sums; insufficient stock can lead you to loss of sales and loyalty. LS Retail simplifies your operations and improves your effectiveness by finding the optimal stock levels for every product and category for all your locations. Management can centrally monitor historical sales, inventory levels and stock forecasts, while the system will decide ideal stock levels basing on the company’s business goals. With our solution you can free up significant capital, reduce staff workload by up to 80% and decrease stock-outs by up to 85%.



POS terminals give customers on-the-spot insight

Give your customers an exceptional and highly personalized shopping experience with our enhanced POS terminals. Your staff will be able to pull up real-time data about customers’ purchase history and loyalty information, as well as product information and availability. Our POS can also act as sales assistants, providing your staff with relevant upselling and cross-selling suggestions to increase your basket size.


Get ahead of your competition with innovative retail technology

Make an impact on your customers, your staff and your financials with retail technology that drives real results. Read our whitepaper on the top retail technology trends and start making changes today.

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What can LS Retail do for your business?

i-retail-Simplify your retail operations
Simplify your retail operations

Streamline your business with an integrated solution that covers your whole retail operation.

i-retail-Guarantee uninterrupted service
Guarantee uninterrupted service

Offer your customers an invariably excellent service, as our flexible solutions can also work offline.

i-pet stores-Manage all your locations from headquarters
Oversee the whole business from headquarters

Manage your whole activity from central office: monitor sales, stock levels and productivity.

i-restaurants and food service-Have a bird’s eye view of your business
Analyze your sales

Check how your business is performing in real time; make better financial decisions basing on precise, up-to-date information.

i-pet stores-Reduce staff training costs
Cut staff training times

Our intuitive, graphic interface drastically reduces staff training’s times and costs.

i-pharmacy-reach out to modern consumers
Reach out to modern consumers

Notify your customers when their prescriptions are close to their last withdrawal via email, text message and mobile app notification.


ZEB & LS Retail

LS Retail allows us to dispatch the right material, at the right time, to the right shop, and in the exact amount as needed. And more important, the replenishment functionality makes sure that everything is stored and shipped automatically

—  Tom Vermeylen, ZEB

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Your business will thrive with LS Retail

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Reduced administration costs

Our centrally maintained system allows you to use fewer staff members to perform the same tasks, easier and faster.

Accurate stock control

Let our system find the perfect product mix for your store, meet sales goals and increase your margins.

Loyalty programmes

Design highly customised loyalty programs and send them straight to your customers’ mobiles.

Loss prevention tools

Prevent loss of revenue as our system warns you in case of unauthorized discounts and invalid returns.


You have questions, we have answers

Choosing the right POS system or business management software for your business may be an overwhelming experience, but we are here to help every step of the way. Talk to our experts to receive specific suggestions tailored on your unique needs.

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