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Consulting services

When you work with an LS Retail consultant, you are not only getting an expert in our products and systems, but also one who knows your customers' industry, with its challenges and best practices. Whether you are taking on a new industry or vertical, attacking a new project, or need to answer a client’s question skillfully and swiftly, we are here to help!

What can LS Retail consulting service do for you?

Train your experts

We provide your staff with tailored sales and product training to be more effective and close more deals.

Get pre-sales support

Our consultants can join your pre-sales meetings to help you close the deal with expert, targeted demos and information.

Shorten implementation time

Combine the online and offline shopping experience and master the omni-channel fashion retailing environment.

Reduce project risk

Don’t have the right resource? We do. Our consultants have years of experience in retail, hospitality, and hardware configuration.

Improve business processes

A smooth process means ease of implementation, successful launch, and the ability for you to take your project further.

Build knowledge

Working with our consultants ensures you get the latest knowledge of LS Retail products that you can use even after the project is done.

Cut through the chaos of complex projects

The LS Retail consultants know the products, the industry, and how to match your customer’s needs with the best systems and solutions. From needs analysis, to proofs of concept, to going live, our consultants bring (in the words of our partner CGI Sweden) “the right resources at the right time” to best meet your customer's needs.
Don’t delay: our experience shows that the earlier the LS Retail consulting team is involved in a project, the faster you will reach the finish line.
Let us show you how to take full advantage of LS Retail products and services.

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Retail, hospitality and forecourt all have specific operations and requirements from the head office to the points of sale. Our consultants will

  • Pinpoint the needs along the chain with Fit/GAP analysis
  • Identify solutions to those needs
  • Design a system and create an implementation strategy
  • Document processes and areas for both standard solutions and customized systems.

Configuration and optimization

Are customers facing long lines at points of sale? Or perhaps guests are asking for a seamless booking, food ordering, and reservation system. Our consultants know how to hone LS Retail products to

  • Give the best functionality
  • Tailor functions to each customer’s needs
  • Test a system for optimal performance
  • Create, run, and document evaluations for all functions.


Customizations and enhancement development

A gas station bringing together retail, foodservice and pump control in one software; an omni-channel retailer ; a resort looking to integrate food service, gift shops and spa treatments – each has its own needs that we can fill by

  • Suggesting appropriate ERP and POS enhancements
  • Advising on employing new solutions
  • Customizing current and new LS Retail products.

Project management

Unified management means a better outcome for your implementation. Our team can give you a hand as management leads or as support during each phase of the project:

  • Initiation: from developing a business case, to feasibility studies, to phase reviews.
  • Planning phases: creating plans to manage resources, finances, communication, risks, quality control and more.
  • Execution: ensuring the project goes according to plan in terms of times, costs, quality, and internal acceptance.
  • Closure: delivering the project to the end.


Training and learning opportunities

Different industries require different training strategies. We offer everything from partner certification with LS Academy to in-depth training on specific LS Retail products. Our trainers

  • Design courses specific to your needs
  • Create teaching materials based on actual issues
  • Develop individualized testing scenarios.

Implementation and deployment

A loss of sales or a break in services at implementation and deployment can spell disaster. Our consultants ensure resilient software solutions from the start through

  • Data migration
  • Setup and testing
  • Installing software in the head office, points of service, and everywhere in between
  • On-site guidance and support when the project goes live.

Expert people and professional service
around the world and around the clock

Our consultants are based all over the world, so they understand the unique opportunities and challenges in each partner’s area. With an average of over ten years of experience in their fields, our consultants are “the needed experts…to speed up the project delivery so that we can take [customers] to the finish line faster,” according to our partner Solteq.
In the experience of our partner EG Norway, the LS Retail consultants go “beyond our expectations when it comes to understanding the customer’s business, understanding what solution we were aiming for, and delivering on time and with excellent quality.”
Get the help you need from a highly experienced team including functional and technical consultants, architects, hardware specialists, vertical specialists, trainers, and project managers.

Whatever your finish line, we will get you there swiftly and smoothly

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Stand out from the competition, become an LS Retail Partner

Stand out from the competition,
become an LS Retail Partner

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See how LS Retail Software Solutions helped Sostrene Grene

Using the same software system in all store locations, and throughout the whole enterprise from accounting to purchasing to sales, has enabled the retailer to improve its visibility and control.

—  Bent Ditlevsen, CIO Sostrene Grene

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