Suit up with an all-encompassing
retail software that meets
your superior standards

Pamper your customers with flawless service, optimal assortment,
and personalized products and offers

End-to-end software for retailers of luxury items, fine watches, and jewelry

As a luxury retailer, you need to always deliver first-class service. The ideal technology will give you clear visibility of both your stock – what is available and where – and customers: who they are, what colors and styles they like, what they have previously bought, what drinks they like to have while shopping, what items they might like.

LS Retail software empowers you with all the information you need to make your service more personal, and with concrete, intelligent insights that support smart, data-based business decisions.

Ensure you always have the products your customers are looking for: the system’s extremely accurate stock tracking and replenishment can be optimized per item, or item type.

Manage special orders and custom designs, and give customers the white glove treatment they deserve.

Our software solution is ideal for:

i-National and international chains with large stores
National and international chains

Luxury fashion and accessories stores

Retailers with duty free and travel stores

Businesses needing extremely accurate stock control


Keep the entire business in line

Get a centralized, real-time view of all your key information: products, sales online and in store, customers, and more.

  • Set items, prices, offers and promotions just once, centrally. The information is distributed automatically to all stores, online and offline.
  • Track what’s been sold and what’s available, online and in each of your stores.
  • Simplify product information management, including export declaration and insurance confirmation.
  • Get real-time reports and business insights and make smart data-based decisions.

Book appointments and consultations

Manage reservations, appointments, services, and even special events in the same software you use for your sales, accounting, and inventory. Powered by reservations add-on LS Activity.

  • Book appointments for personal consultations at the POS or online.
  • Track work orders for repairs and adjustments at any POS or back office computer, and guarantee fast turnaround and exceptional service.
  • Plan events like invite-only parties and opening nights, and track registrations and event-related sales and offers at any POS.

Show your customers you know them

Know each customer’s preferences, habits, and past purchases, and keep your service personal and customer centric.

  • Send exclusive offers and information to customers enrolled in your loyalty club.
  • Keep track of your frequent customers’ birthdays and anniversaries, size, style preference, past purchases, and more at the clienteling POS, and deliver flawlessly personalized service.
  • Know what items are available and where in real time, and always deliver on what you promise.
  • Optimize demand planning: the system uses intelligent algorithms to analyze sales trends and suggest what to buy, and how to distribute it. Powered by add-on LS Forecast.

All you need to run a successful
jewelry and luxury store


Optimize replenishment per item type

Set which items should be replenished automatically when they fall below a specific threshold, and which should be reordered manually.

Track your KPIs

Access real-time reports based on reliable, complete business data, and make sure you are always on track with your KPIs.

i-online and in store
Deliver white glove service anywhere

Run the point of sale on mobile devices, and offer consultations, services, and personalized advice anywhere your customers are.

Manage made-to-order items

Easily track work orders for custom items from request to production, up to the delivery to the customer.

Run a successful retail chain

Centrally manage information for all your stores, and simplify opening new outlets with a software designed for retail chains.

Simplify sales commissions

The system automates sales commission management, helping you pay your employees precisely and on time.

Serena Whitehaven

Looking for a top-tier software solution to manage all facets of the business

All business data is now maintained in the LS Retail software solution, so managers can easily monitor in real time what is happening in all their stores, such as what products are available and which ones are out of stock, with no delay.

—  Ignacio Pancorbo, Managing Partner

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