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Manage your entire business, from items to customers to financials,
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Unified POS and ERP software for specialty retailers

When shopping at a specialty retailer, shoppers expect a large product selection, in-depth brand expertise and personalized customer service.

To satisfy customers’ demands and make them loyal you need a software solution that helps you keep track of what items you have in stock and how popular they are, and gives you the detailed information you need to advise even the most demanding shopper.

With LS Retail you get a single software solution for your entire business. It makes your job simpler, as all your key information is saved in one central place, so you can always see what’s going on in real time across your whole enterprise – what products are in stock and where, what’s selling fast and what isn’t selling in your physical and online stores, plus purchasing, accounting, logistics, customers, and even staff management.

Stay in control, make decisions based on data that’s complete and current, and give your customers the best, most personal service at all times.

Our software solution is ideal for:

Specialized retailers

i-retail chains
National and international retail chains

i-online and in store
Companies selling online and in stores


Have total control of your stock

Simplify item management and reordering with centralized view and system automations.

  • Manage your items in their multiple variants centrally for all your stores and the eCommerce.
  • See product sales in real time across the channels and keep track of what’s sold, what’s available, and what’s in transit.
  • Automate replenishment: let the system reorder what you need and suggest how to distribute items across your stores.
  • Forecast demand using the intelligent algorithms of add-on LS Forecast.

Grow repeat business

Attract customers and keep them loyal with unmissable offers and personalized rewards and promotions.

  • Build your own loyalty program and encourage customers to return with rewards and points.
  • Send loyal customers personalized offers and communications based on their preferences and shopping history.
  • Create promotions, offers and discounts that are valid in all or some of your stores. The system applies valid offers automatically.

Sell to more customers online and offline

Let your customers shop at their convenience.

  • Show real-time product availability on the eCommerce site.
  • Let customers order items online and pick them up in store, or have them shipped home.
  • Is an item unavailable in store? Special order it at the POS, and let the customer pick up the purchase in any store, or have it delivered home.
  • Accept returns and exchanges for items bought online in any store location.

Make data-based decisions

Always know what’s going on in your business with real-time data, customizable reports, and intelligent analytics.

  • Keep track of your sales, profits, trends and KPIs with real-time reports.
  • Track performance per employee, store, item, item group and more, and maximize your revenue.
  • Do you need even more intelligent insights? Add LS Insight, the business intelligence analytics platform built on Microsoft Power BI.

All you need to run a successful
retail specialty store


i-go beyond selling products
Go beyond selling products

Book appointments with a personal advisor, manage events and contact attendees with reservations add-on LS Activity.

i-manage your workforce
Manage your workforce

Plan shifts, approve work hours, handle absences, timetables and costs, and manage your resources within the budget.

i-remove duplicate work
Remove duplicate work

Remove errors and extra work. All activities are centralized on a single platform, so you only need to enter information and perform tasks once.

i-train staff faster
Train staff faster

Speed up employee training with a POS system that is easy to use and can be configured to your workflows and needs.

i-safe transactions
Guarantee safe transactions

Offer fast and secure transactions with credit cards, debit cards, gift cards and more with EFT add-on software LS Pay.

i-stay on the latest version
Stay on the latest version

Always take advantage of the latest functionality: the SaaS system updates automatically, no work needed from you.

Tinol Paints International

Paint manufacturer turns to LS Retail solution to expand and grow

We now have a strong platform for growth and we can already see the benefits. In fact, we’re actually expecting ROI within 2 years, which we believe, given the scope of the implementation, is actually a very short time frame.

—  Chaker Saab, chairman

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