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For a travel retail business – no matter if you manage ferries, a chain of retail stores in train stations, or large duty free stores and cafés in an airport- if a product is not available when a customer visits, that sale may be lost forever. LS Retail software simplifies inventory management, and uses advanced tools like artificial intelligence algorithms to spot trends and ensure you always carry the items people look for.

For time-strapped travelers, quick service is a necessity. With LS Retail software you can close sales, take payments in any currency and even advise customers on the spot, on handheld devices. You can even tie online and offline, and let people buy beforehand and pick up their purchases in your store, at the gate – wherever they want.

Easily manage the most complex tax, pricing and product allowances according to various legislations: the software automatically applies the appropriate rules based on the traveler’s nationality and travel route.

Decrease complexity, boost your sales, and increase your efficiency in your stores, restaurants, vessels, and everywhere your customers are.

Our software solution is ideal for:

Travel retail stores in airports and train stations

Trains, airplanes, ferries, cruise boats

Businesses selling retail items, food and services to travelers

Duty free and duty paid stores and restaurants


Apply rules automatically

Leave your employees free to focus on giving great service and advice, and minimize the risk of error. Using boarding card and/or passport information, the system automatically applies the rules for:

  • Tax free, tax refunds, final prices and discounts.
  • Product allowances and product limitations, for example number of bottles or liters of alcohol.
  • When a security tamper-evident bag (STEB) should be used.
  • Multi-leg boarding cards for in-transit passengers.

Make people loyal

Keep customers loyal before, during, and after their journey.

  • Design complex offers and promotions based on customer buying patterns.
  • Offer a tiered loyalty program that rewards customers for purchases and bookings online and in person.
  • Stay top of mind with personalized messages and promotions based on each customer’s preferences and previous interactions.
  • Use the power of AI of add-on LS Recommend to offer relevant cross-selling and upselling product suggestions.

Let people shop at their convenience

Let people shop at their speed and convenience, no matter whether they’re travelling for business, commuting to work, or on vacation.

  • Let people buy online and pick up their purchases in your travel store, on your vessels, or at the airport gate.
  • Offer shop & collect at return.
  • Let customers pay with their favorite currency, or mix of currencies.
  • Bust queues, speed up service and offer information on the go with mobile POS.

Manage retail, food service, and bookings as one

Manage retail sales and items, fresh food, and services such as bookings and reservations from a single platform.

  • Get professional food service functionality: manage menus, food planning, ingredients tracking, kitchen and table service.
  • Handle bookings, reservations, and appointments within the same POS you use for your sales.
  • Easily move employees across the retail store and restaurant: with the same software you just need to train staff once.
  • The LS Retail software is modular, so you can add more specialized industry functionality within the same environment.

All you need to run a successful
travel and duty free store


Manage a complex inventory

Have what your customers are looking for while keeping stock at a minimum using the system’s replenishment automation.

Set product limitations

Set limits for products based on item quantity, route traveled, country, or more. The POS will alert you if the limits are reached or exceeded.

Handle security tamper-evident bags (STEB) effectively

Manage different sizes of bags for different products. The system can warn you at the POS when you need to place items in a STEB.

Simplify sales commission

Let the system automatically calculate staff sales commissions and ensure that all employees are paid correctly and on time.

Manage both duty free and duty paid

Manage duty free and duty paid at the same location. The system automatically calculates prices and total based on boarding pass, passport data, and destination.

Make data-based business decisions

Use AI-powered business intelligence add-on LS Insight to gain clear, current insights in your business and make smart, data-based decisions.


4 million passengers,
7 large vessels, 7 cities

With LS Central, Color Line can now optimize all aspects of the customer experience from the moment passengers start their journey until they disembark the vessels.

—  Marianne Gade Gorbitz, IT Director at Color Line

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