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Retail software for training gear and outdoors equipment stores

Whether you run a sporting gear chain or specialize in water sports, cycling, golfing or horse riding, you need a software solution that helps you easily manage a large inventory and sell easily online and in store.

With LS Retail software you get a single platform that covers your entire business. Data flows automatically from the point of sale and eCommerce to the ERP and back, so you can always see in real time what is available, what was sold, and what people are (or aren’t) buying. The system’s intelligent insights help you make decisions that matter: what products you should buy, how you should distribute them across your stores, what promotions drive most returns – and much more.

Track work orders for services like repairs, maintenance, or appointments, at any POS or back office computer. At the POS you can also track registration and manage ticketing for events like special evenings or meetups with athletes, as well as courses and classes.

Our software solution is ideal for:

i-National and international chains with large stores
National and international retail chains

Specialized retailers like cycling, boating equipment, or fishing stores

Retailers offering services like courses, workshops, or repairs


Sell products and services online and in store

Sell items, rent equipment, and book registrations for courses and events online and in your stores. Keep it all in sync within one software platform.

  • Let customers shop online and pick up in store or at the curbside, or get their purchases sent home.
  • Accept returns in any store for items bought online – you can easily track all sales with a single database for all your stores and channels.
  • Manage services like ski repairs or equipment rentals, and book seats at workshops or yoga courses at the POS and on the eCommerce with reservation add-on LS Activity.
  • You can rely on a constant, organized flow of data from POS to ERP for all information, including sales, invoicing, course registrations.

Drive customers back with compelling promotions

Bring value to both your customers and your business with multi-buy offers, product bundles, discounts, specials for loyal customers and exclusive sales.

  • Set prices, discounts and offers centrally, and apply them automatically to some or all store locations.
  • Analyze the success of your campaigns and design the offers, or combination of offers, that delivers the best results.
  • Set up a loyalty program that rewards customers for buying products or using your services online and in person.
  • Track customer habits and preferences and send them personalized offers and product recommendations.

Have the right stock available at all times

Save time and effort with a powerful inventory system that helps you manage a large stock of seasonal and all-year goods.

  • Keep your channels in sync, and give your employees and customers a real-time view of available stock.
  • Get the right stock coverage. The system helps you order the right amounts of items in each color, size, etc.
  • A store at the seaside may need a different mix of stock from a store at the airport. The system helps you distribute items smartly based on expected sales and space available at each store.
  • Let the system analyze past sales and trends, and forecast demand using powerful AI algorithms.

All you need to run
a successful sport store


Make data-based decisions

Check the pulse of your business with real-time business reports and analytics, and actionable insights powered by AI-powered add-on LS Insight.

Run the POS on mobile devices

Serve active customers wherever they are: look up product information, order items, close sales and bust queues using the POS on handheld.

Offer maintenance services

Manage product maintenance and repairs from the POS: easily track work orders, customers, service status, and payments.

Organize courses and workshops

Track registration for events, courses and classes at any POS, and offer participants special discounts on products.

Handle inventory on mobile

Manage inventory tasks fast and effectively on mobile devices, from stock counting, to receiving, to purchase orders, stock transfers, and adjustments.

i-manage your workforce
Manage staff schedules

Plan shifts, ensure correct worked hours, and manage commissions within the same software you use for the rest of the business.


The Secret behind Sweden’s most modern sports retailer

LS Retail software provides full overview from supply to the point of sale. LS Retail software is the perfect tool for monitoring local sales trends and acting upon the information, giving us access to real-time statistics so you can manage resources, sales, stock, finances and purchases in an efficient manner

—  Pär Gunnarsson, Purchase Manager

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